Why Good Communication is Good Business

Posted on April 17th, 2012   |   Written by: Catherine   |  Post Categories: Business

Lee Iacocca, former president of Chrysler, once said, “You can have brilliant ideas – but if you can’t get them across they won’t get you anywhere.” Iacocca was right.

Good communication is imperative. How we walk, dress, hold our bodies, look at others, speak and write is all a part of our personal brand. And how effectively we present ourselves to others through our brand is essential to personal and business success. In other words, in order to communicate your brilliant ideas make certain you’re presenting them in the best light possible!

Statistics note in a first impression strangers see only a very tiny percentage of others. Snap decisions are made based solely on ones’ appearance and how we enter a room, shake hands, make eye contact, smile, sit. Research claims this non-verbal conversation accounts for nearly 100 percent of how we are perceived by strangers even before a word is spoken! And since this sample is all they have to work with strangers will unconsciously assume the sample is an accurate reading of what we’re like all the time.

Recently my girlfriend noticed a well-known company’s advertising had a glaring grammatical error on its downtown Seattle billboard. The company had used the possessive form of a word when it should have been plural.

“You’d think they would have proofed their advertising copy before putting it on a billboard,” she’d quipped. Truthfully, a week earlier I’d also seen the error and wondered the same thing.

Was it essential to the message proper grammar be used? Probably not – we both knew what the company meant to say. However their use of careless copy did cause us to question their professionalism. And it may have even influenced us to think twice before using their services. First impressions are powerful!

Communication between management and staff and among co-workers is also critical to a successful workplace. Poor communication can result in misunderstandings and mistrust. Taking the time to develop good verbal, non-verbal and written communications is highly important in the workplace. Improved exchanges of ideas, feedback, and understanding will strengthen employee morale and company productivity.

So whether you’re a corporation with a billboard campaign, a manager with an agenda or only one person with a great idea or desire to look good on an online dating service website, delivering good communication will always be good business.

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