The following first three are quotes from a few authors whose books I’ve ghostwritten. These quotes appear under the Acknowledgement sections of their books. Out of respect for their anonymity, I am only mentioning their comments.

I have special gratitude for Catherine Lenox, who helped me be more creative in my writing.

Thank you to Catherine Lenox, who was the editor of this book. Without her, I am sure this book would fail to meet the professional standards I desired.

A special thanks to Catherine Lenox of Write Contact for guiding me through this process and turning my content into this book. Your encouragement and skills have been invaluable, and you are greatly appreciated.

Catherine analyzes her public audiences very well and writes to them quickly, clearly, and in a style which makes her material easy to read. She can write highly technical information for engineers and scientists in a concise style that her readers appreciate. As well as her writing expertise and experience, Catherine has long experience in radio, television, photography, and interviewing people to get the desired results. I have seen (and heard) her at work in all these areas and feel that she is more than competent to handle situations in any media.

Larna Brown, Communications Manager, Areva NP

In my ten years as Senior Captain of the Steamship Virginia V, Catherine stands as one of the very best communications outreach professionals we have ever had in our organization.

Dale M. Pederson, Senior Captain, Steamship Virginia V

At the City of Redmond Catherine was required to work with representatives from many different departments to help them communicate more effectively with Redmond citizens. She was an expert at gathering the important information and pulling it together in effective formats that the public would understand. As a designer, I appreciated how organized she was when she brought a project in to me, and how she always thought the details of that project through in advance.

Wayne Gillam, Assistant Director of New Media, University of Washington Advancement

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