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Good communication is vital to any size organization. It not only connects people to each other but also to other departments, other job sites, and in today’s global economy even internationally. Effective communication can make the difference between success and failure in any enterprise at all levels of an organization. Top business leaders know inefficient communication can also result in a loss of productivity and profits.

Social media channels have magnified the opportunity for immediate communications, both good and bad. So it’s become even more important to be watchful of your brand and give your first impressions the chance to shine.

At Write Contact, we cater to every client with personal attention given to your specific needs.

  • Ghostwriting: Write and edit nonfiction subject expert content for clients, including blogs, book manuscripts, memoirs, social media posts and articles.
  • Business Communications: Write and edit content on a variety of topics for magazines, newsletters and Internet publication: business, features, current events, profiles, bios, newsletters, brochures, change management, brand messaging, direct mail, marketing, advertising, video scripts, website content and fact sheets.
  • Public Relations: Develop content for events promotion, talking points and speeches, PowerPoint presentations, event promotions.
  • Media Relations: Write press releases, media advisories, grant and fundraising narratives.
  • Crisis Communications: Draft messaging during emergencies, provide media skills training in what to say to the media when things go wrong.
  • Technical editing – Science and Technology – Translate complex scientific information and technology into content understood by general audiences.
  • Partnerships: Aligns clients with website, graphic design and publishing professionals to provide Search Engine Optimization (SEO), visual design and book publication.

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