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Do you want to write a non-fiction book but you’re too busy to write it or find the process daunting?   

Write Contact can help you write non-fiction books, legacy memoirs, articles, and other published works that are credited to you. With over 35 books and countless other works published anonymously as a ghostwriter, writer Catherine Lenox knows how to guide your writing project from concept to completion.

And since the purpose of hiring a ghostwriter is to help you create a publication which is credited to you, your readers won’t know the work wasn’t written by you. It’s your story. Write Contact merely works with you to help you tell it in a way that will be engaging to your readers.

Benefits of publishing a non-fiction book

Publishing a non-fiction subject expert book establishes you as a thought leader in your field and brings credibility to your business and/or professional image. Publishing a non-fiction biography puts your insights, inspiration, and experiences out in the world. We all have a story to tell which has the power to touch, educate and inspire others. Let Write Contact help you share yours.

A legacy memoir ensures that your life story will be meaningfully documented for your family and future generations in a way that is accessible and entertaining to read. The history of your business or organization can also be written as a legacy memoir for future employees.

How does a ghostwriter work?

Write Contact partners with you to write your book. Using clients’ recordings, written input and edits, Write Contact transcribes conversations, ideas, experiences and feedback into books, website content and other materials.

Write Contact crafts your input into publications. But we are storytellers, not mind-readers, So, while we do hone your story how you’d like others to read it, we can’t write it for you unless you’re actively involved in sharing it with us.

Just as actors need scripts and directors to authentically portray their characters, Write Contact needs “scripts and direction” from our clients to accurately “take on our clients’ voices” and authentically tell their stories.

So, as a would-be author, be prepared to get actively engaged in the writing process, providing Write Contact with detailed information, history, insights, thoughts, ideas and purpose to support your project. Plan to commit serious time to this process – and realize in order to provide you with the best possible product this exchange will not happen overnight or quickly.

In the final phase of your book, Write Contact also partners with highly skilled publishers to get it marketed and published.

Creating a book is an adventure! We look forward to taking this journey with you to bring your dream books into reality.

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