You have a unique story to tell. Whether you are a large corporation, small business, nonprofit organization, or entrepreneur, Write Contact is here to assist you in writing your book.

Owner/CEO Catherine Lenox offers ghostwriting content development for nonfiction subject expert books, biographies, and legacy memoirs. She assists you in writing your manuscript – or writes it for you – and guides you through the process of taking it from writing and editing to publication.

With more than 25 years as a professional communicator, she has broad experience writing books, magazines, social media and website content, blogs, news stories, television scripts, and business advertising and marketing materials.

As a former radio news journalist, bookstore manager, and marketing/public relations manager, she also understands what motivates readers and the media. Let her unique talent and resources help you deliver a clear, concise, well-crafted book that speaks to your target audience.

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In my ten years as Senior Captain of the Steamship Virginia V, Catherine stands as one of the very best communications outreach professionals we have ever had in our organization.

Dale M. Pederson, Senior Captain, Steamship Virginia V

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Catherine Lenox
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